Pre-Paid & Pre-Arranged

Avoid the emotional and financial burden for your family by planning your own funeral. Murphy Family Funerals and Shoalhaven Lady Funeral Services offer families the peace of mind of being able to pre-arrange and pre-pay their funeral. These options empower our clients, giving them the ability to make the choices they want. This alleviates the burden on a grieving family of having to make difficult choices and having to worry about the financial requirements of the funeral service.

Pre-Paid Funeral Services

By Pre-Paying your funeral service today, at the current costs, you take away the need to pay the ongoing rising prices of funerals. We guarantee that the service that is organised and paid for today with Murphy Family Funerals or Shoalhaven Lady Funeral Services will be provided in the future at no additional charge to the family.

Our Pre-Paid Funeral contracts and bonds are provided to us through Funeral Planning Australia, the largest supplier of Pre-Paid Funeral Contracts and Bonds in Australia.

Pre-Paying for your funeral services gives your family the peace of mind to help them through one of the most difficult times in their lives. You also have the security of knowing your money is being managed by the largest supplier of Pre-Paid funeral services in Australia.

The cost of a funeral service increases every year. By Pre-Paying, you secure the cost of your funeral at todays prices and avoid these increases.

The certificates are fully transferable to another funeral home in Australia should you leave the area.

Pre-Arranged Funeral Services

Another option provided by Murphy Family Funeral and Shoalhaven Lady Funeral Service is the ability for our client families to Pre-Arrange their funeral arrangements. We are happy to sit with you, and / or your family, and discuss the options available to you. Often our families request a simple funeral service; our staff are trained to give you simple and honest choices to help you make decisions about the kind of funeral service you would like to have. Payment of the funeral will still be required at the time of death.