At a time when warmth, care and guidance are critical in making your loved one’s funeral arrangements just perfect, our Ladies can assist.

Shoalhaven Lady Funeral Services offers a softer approach to funeral services for your loved ones. With a dedicated and highly trained all female staff, the Shoalhaven Lady Funeral Services team can provide our client families with the ability to cater for the most unique and imaginative funeral services available.

Many funeral situations also present many difficult family and relationship situations, sometimes the more sensitive approach provided by a female may assist in helping the family arrange the perfect funeral service for their loved one. Laura, Kellie, Rhianon, or Allison can offer many unique and individual ideas on providing a funeral service that is truly a reflection of the person’s life.

Even if the life has only been for a short period of time, the importance of that life cannot be understated to the family that it has touched.

Shoalhaven Lady Funeral Services offers the 24-hour care and understanding that only a woman can provide.

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